Baylor Webcast from Extensis

P-Webcast-Baylor-Invite-640x400The Boys at Baylor are at it again with a webcast through Extensis. They’ll be sharing their wireless workflow to deliver photos for social media during sporting events. The webcast is on Tuesday January 27th at 2 pm Eastern. Register for it at

Here is the release from Extensis:

Join us for a discussion with Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minard of Baylor University as they reveal how they used digital asset management to triple their social media engagement figures and achieve higher rankings than some of the biggest universities in the nation.Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time: 11:00 a.m. Pacific | 2:00 p.m. Eastern

You’ll learn how:

  • Baylor gets images out to social media in real-time
  • DAM helped increase engagement
  • Baylor configures their cameras, wireless & DAM
  • High-quality photography impacts social media
  • The entire University benefited
  • The solution spread quickly at Baylor

At the end of the presentation, Rogers and Minard will be available for a live Q&A.

Matt Cashore’s Shoelace Remote

The tried-and-true method of shooting football is supertelephoto on a monopod and medium focal length lens around the neck for the quick-grab when the play lands in our lap.  Often times we’ll have a third body with a wide angle lens–but no third hand to hold it with.

One solution I tried years ago was to make the third body a remote attached to my monopod, using my second handheld body as the trigger for the remote via a radio transmitter.  However this setup proved to be far too heavy and awkward to be of much practical use, so I abandoned the idea.

A year or so ago I reviewed the Nikon Df and even with its shortcomings I said it would be very useful as a remote because of its compactness and light weight:

When football season rolled around again I decided the Df might make the “remote on a monopod” idea workable and I’ve been much happier with the setup this time around.

Here’s my setup in action:

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Arizona StateAnd here’s the recipe: Continue reading

Remembering John Alley

John W. Alley with his box camera collection.John Alley, former director of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Photo Services and longtime UPAA member and award winner, passed away on February 25, 2014.  He was a member of the Milwaukee St. Andrew’s Society, and at their Kirking of the Tartan ceremony on May 6th, the organization had a display of John’s career.  Their tribute to John is below:

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Symposium Preview – Dave Black Speedlighting

Nikon Ambassador- Dave Black Speedlighting
Woodland Wolves by , Dave Black

SPEEDLIGHTING - Light is the Greatest Influence

A presentation by: Dave Black

This will be a step-by-step instructional style presentation teaching off camera flash techniques from simple portraits to Action with High Speed Sync mode.

This presentation will illustrate how to use off camera flash in a variety of situations, but will also be technical with respect to current Speedlight technology, camera settings and accessory equipment. Attendee’s will gain a thorough understanding of off camera flash principles and applications ranging from portraiture, to lighting on location, to sports action with High Speed Sync all being accomplished using Speedlights off camera. Questions will be taken during the presentation time. Note taking is encouraged.

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Symposium Preview – Dave Black Sports Action Photography

Nikon Ambassador- Dave Black Sports Action

Nikon Ambassador- Dave Black Sports Action
Serves Up by Dave Black

Sports Action Photography
Tips and Strategies

Dave Black’s career portfolio of images will be featured during this step-by-step presentation that will teach photographers the strategies to capturing great sports action.

This presentation will chronicle the on going career of Dave Black. Dave’s portfolio images from his work with Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, ESPN, and Golf Digest will be presented along with a variety of Sports Action including his coverage of 12 Olympic Games, Kentucky Derby, and the Masters. Practical information of how Dave approaches covering sports events and working with athletes, along with insightful strategies, unique equipment applications, and personal commentary will be featured throughout this presentation.

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Symposium Preview – Dave Black Lightpainting

Nikon Ambassador- Dave Black Lightpainting

Arlington National Cemetery – Photo by Dave Black

Lightpainting – Light Up Your World

A Presentation and “LIVE” Demonstration by: Dave Black

This will be a step-by-step presentation and a “LIVE” demonstration teaching the artistic lighting technique of Lightpainting. This class is for any photographer interested in learning how light can be used to stylize their image making.

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Symposium Preview – David X. Tejada

UPAA Featured Speaker David X. Tejada

Swimmer by David X. Tejada

Location Lighting - Light and Compact

I hope you will join me for this informative workshop on location lighting.  For the past 32 years I’ve been shooting on location for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. I have taught my techniques at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, GPP in Dubai, Maine Media Workshops, and of course my well know Small Strobes, Big Results Workshops. This will be my third time attending the UPAA Symposium, and I am delighted to be with you all.

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Arctic Adventures: Documenting the Classroom at the Top of the World

By Jaslyn Gilbert/Radford University


While many of our students at Radford University in Radford, Virginia were heading home or off to warm weather destinations for spring break, a group of 12 undergraduate students, two high school students, and three faculty braved bone-rattling temperatures and shivery Arctic winds in Barrow, Alaska—the northernmost city in the United States—to conduct scientific research. As multimedia producer for RU, I received funding to document the trip, less than two months before takeoff, with a mission to send videos and photos of this experiential research learning opportunity back to the university daily to post on a website ( dedicated to the trip. Continue reading