MIC Results

April 2015 Results

Best of Show

Gusty day

by Nancy Evelyn (University of Georgia)

Best of show with 568 points.

Our 'weather professor' in a field on an overcast morning with 6 umbrellas. After he left, more umbrellas were thrown to make the illustration. It is fun when the professors give it 100 percent.

Sports Action

Goooaaaal !

by Daryl Marshke (University of Michigan)

First place with 473 points.

Net cam during a University of Michigan vs Colorado Womens Lacrosse match.

Knocking the Ball Loose

by Jonathan Cohen (Binghamton University)

Second place with 465 points.

Tucker Nelson and Tyler Deluca knock the ball loose during a men's lacrosse game with Hartford.

Elite 8

by Matt Cashore (University of Notre Dame)

Third place with 458 points.

Zach Auguste dunks against Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament Elite 8 round.

Bielfeldt's Ball

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Third place with 458 points.

Senior Max Bielfeldt grabs a rebound on his way to a double-double on Senior Night.

Bielfeldt Battles

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Fourth place with 443 points.

Max Bielfeldt (44) battles Nigel Hayes for a rebound during the Big10 Tournament in Chicago.

Using your head

by Daryl Marshke (University of Michigan)

Fifth place with 438 points.

University of Michigan goaltender #1 Steve Racine catches a loose puck after it ricocheted off his mask.

Sports Features & Illustrations

All In

by Michelle Hutchins (University of Louisville)

First place with 473 points.

Women's basketball team huddles before the ACC semifinal.

Consoling the Agony

by Michelle Hutchins (University of Louisville)

Second place with 458 points.

Coach Jeff Walz comforts a senior women's basketball player after their loss in the NCAA round of 16.


by Jaren Wilkey (Brigham Young University)

Third place with 448 points.

Robertson Daniel posts a 35.5" vertical during his Pro Day tests.

Senior Sarah!

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Fourth place with 438 points.

Varsity tennis senior Sarah Lee poses for story on her graduation this spring.

Prayer after the Storm

by Tyler Hester (Liberty University)

Fifth place with 428 points.

Both teams pause to pray at home plate after a home victory.

People & Portraits

Title IX

by Jim Stroup (Virginia Tech)

First place with 453 points.

I needed to illustrate an article on what our university is doing in response to the Title IX mandate (sexual harassment). The story details the departments, agencies, and people that are there to help, so you don't have to go through this experience alone. The camera was dialed down to 3000K and underexposed by 1 stop, with a soft box at the top of the stairs and a gridded spot with a full CTO at the bottom of the stairs aimed at her face.

Professor of Play

by Michael Ekern (University of St. Thomas)

Second place with 438 points.

Professor AnnMarie Thomas often uses toys and play concepts to teach engineering.

Director of Atmospheric Sciences

by Nancy Evelyn (University of Georgia)

Third place with 435 points.

...in his office.

Is There Anybody Out There?

by Jim Stroup (Virginia Tech)

Fourth place with 430 points.

Portrait of a professor that published a paper on privacy and the internet.

Selfie - Snowboard Team

by Kevin Mark Manguiob (Liberty University)

Fifth place with 420 points.

A member of snowboarding team soars over the rest of the team for their group photo, which was remote triggered.

Campus Environment

Foggy Morning

by Ken Bennett (Wake Forest University)

First place with 468 points.

The bell tower of Wait Chapel rises over the main quad on a foggy morning.


by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

Second place with 450 points.

The rooftop of one of our signature buildings silhouetted against the rising sun.

Wishing Well

by Jonathan Cohen (Binghamton University)

Third place with 445 points.

The Clock Tower’s reflection at sunset glows in a puddle created by melting snow from warm spring temperatures.

Spring Showers

by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

Fourth place with 438 points.

End of winter with a spring shower


by Jaslyn Gilbert (Radford University)

Fifth place with 428 points.

Blooming crocuses outside of Norwood Hall welcome students back to campus after Spring Break.

News and College Life

Generous Donation

by Jonathan Cohen (Binghamton University)

First place with 485 points.

Heather Miller generously shaved her head to donate her hair and raise funds for the St. Baldrick's Foundation fundraiser for childhood cancer research.

Opening of an Exhibition

by Jonathan Cohen (Binghamton University)

Second place with 468 points.

Opening of the exhibition: The Inner Landscape of Dance: Photographs by Barbara Morgan 1935-1944.


by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

Third place with 448 points.

Two students go their separate ways after slamming into one another during super ball

Happy Holi!

by Dani Machlis (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Third place with 448 points.

The Indian holiday of Holi - the festival of colours, was celebrated on campus.

Car Smash

by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

Fourth place with 435 points.

Students held a car smash fundraiser to help raise money for cancer research. Students who contributed the most got to smash in the windows.

Sick Pooch

by Tom Thompson (Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine)

Fifth place with 433 points.

Finding a place for Butch was a small problem in a large scale emergency drill.

General Features & Illustrations


by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

First place with 515 points.

Brad Owens research on Narcissists and humility


by Jim Stroup (Virginia Tech)

Second place with 463 points.

Cover for our university magazine, whose main story was on the local hangouts that have lasted through the generations. Photographed in a local diner with student models representing a student from the 1920's, the late 50's/early 60's, and a modern day student. The outfits for the 2 students from the past are actual clothes from that era from our theater department. A "pin-up" effect was applied to the photo in post.

One Book

by Glenn Carpenter (Moraine Valley Community College)

Third place with 423 points.

Next year's book for the college is Illegal, which provides insights into the life an undocumented immigrant and the shadow he lead.

In the desert garden

by Nancy Evelyn (University of Georgia)

Fourth place with 420 points.

This student studies Agave plants normally found in the desert. Inspired by Dave Black's seminar at last year's symposium.

The End Is Near

by Jim Stroup (Virginia Tech)

Fifth place with 418 points.

Full page lead-in for a story on how we've lost our privacy with the growth of the internet. Photographed at an old graveyard on campus. Even though the light was totally flat, I bracketed 5 frames and ran the image through an HDR program to give the photo "a look".

Science & Research

Drug Discovery Center

by Matt Cashore (University of Notre Dame)

First place with 503 points.

Illustration for a newly-endowed center for drug discovery.

Solar Simulator

by Rob Felt (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Second place with 500 points.

Research assistant who works with a machine that creates light simulating the power of the sun.

Sim Hub

by Chris Stacey (Macquarie University)

Third place with 443 points.

The VR lab in the University's new Simulation Hub


by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

Fourth place with 440 points.

Biomechanics Lab Iain Hunter researcher

Red Balloon

by Joseph Howell (Vanderbilt University)

Fourth place with 440 points.

A red balloon carrying a camera to record data at Centennial Park is part of the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt (SSMV) student’s research activities. These activities include weather balloons and measuring water quality.

An Underground Classroom

by Bethany Baker (Idaho State University)

Fifth place with 408 points.

Graduate student works nearby field site

Personal Vision

Letchworth Galaxy

by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

First place with 490 points.

Stars over Letchworth State Park

Sunset at the Bird Feeder

by Tom Thompson (Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine)

Second place with 483 points.

Black-capped chickadee feeds as the sun goes down.

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