MIC Results

September 2014 Results

Best of Show

Anechoic Chamber

by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

Best of show with 570 points.

Acoustic Research–Large Anechoic Chamber

Sports Action

Elbow Header

by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

First place with 479 points.

Soccer game action

Crunch Zone

by Jeff Reinking (University of Louisville)

Second place with 474 points.

Louisville defense sacks Murray State quarterback popping his helmet off.

Ball Hair Day

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Third place with 472 points.

Christina Ordonez takes a header against BGSU.

Ray vs the ball boy

by Melissa Humble (Auburn University)

Fourth place with 428 points.

Melvin Ray carries the ball passed the Arkansas bench as ball boy Andrew Jarrett nearly matches him stride for stride on the sidelines.


by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

Fifth place with 421 points.

Game Action

Sports Features & Illustrations

Great New Heights

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

First place with 538 points.

Sophomore Zak Irvin looks to be a leader and top scorer going into his second season with the Wolverines.

Senior Light

by Aaron Mayes (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

First place with 538 points.

Being the only senior on the squad can be a lonely place for Kristin Sankey.

Code Blue

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Second place with 502 points.

Ice Hockey captains for promotional poster.

LeVert Converts

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Third place with 491 points.

Caris LeVert becomes the senior leader for the 2014-15 Wolverine squad. People have asked if the ball is Photoshopped; It is not.

Lunchtime Swim

by Andrew Tucker (University of Georgia)

Fourth place with 483 points.

Assistant swim coach Stefanie Williams enjoys a workout as she swims on her lunch break at Legion Pool.

Into the Night

by Glenn Carpenter (Moraine Valley Community College)

Fifth place with 464 points.

Created for the Women's Soccer poster, we sought to illustrate the idea that our athletes stay late to put in the extra time to be better.

People & Portraits

Documenting Columbine

by Michael Ekern (University of St. Thomas)

First place with 513 points.

Alum Chris Hansen is a videographer for a TV station in Colorado. He recently completed a one hour documentary on Columbine High School principal Frank DeAngelis.

Yazier Henry

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

Second place with 498 points.

Yazier Henry, Lecturer in Public Policy, has in-depth experience in social and political movements including the international anti-apartheid movement.

Wheelchair track

by L. Brian Stauffer (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)

Third place with 494 points.

Wheelchair athlete Kelsey LeFevour poses during a campus promotional video shoot.

Father, Daughter and '37 Coupe

by Mark Brown (University of St. Thomas)

Fourth place with 485 points.

Chloe and her father, Wayne, are pictured in northern Iowa with the 1937 Ford Couple they lovingly restored on their family's farmstead.


by Michael Ekern (University of St. Thomas)

Fifth place with 483 points.

Alum Semhar Aria is a community organizer in Washington D.C.

Campus Environment

In a Rain Drop

by Joseph Pallen (University of Idaho)

First place with 540 points.

Our Administration Building clock tower reflected in rain drops. This was taken through the moon roof of a car


by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

Second place with 509 points.

The moon rises over campus resident townhouses just after sunset

Stars over the Boathouse

by Kevin Colton (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Third place with 489 points.

In this Photo, star trails over the Bozzuto Boathouse create a semi-circular pattern caused by the rotation of the earth.

Campus Sign

by Jaslyn Gilbert (Radford University)

Fourth place with 472 points.

The sun shines brightly on the university sign.

Terrace sunset

by Jeff Miller (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Fifth place with 460 points.

People line the Memorial Union Terrace and shoreline piers to take in the post-sunset view of Lake Mendota as the sky falls from dusk to nighttime on June 14, 2014.

Round Barn

by L. Brian Stauffer (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)

Fifth place with 460 points.

Tilt -shift take on campus icon.

News and College Life

Wide eyed

by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

First place with 519 points.

A student jumps wide-eyed during our annual welcome back olympics

Bungee Ride Flipper

by Tom Zasadzinski (Cal Poly Pomona)

Second place with 515 points.

A student does a flip as he bounces on a bungee ride during the 75th Anniversary Finale Celebration.

Early birds

by Keith Walters (SUNY Geneseo)

Third place with 513 points.

Crew club's first practice of the year was picture perfect

Human Hamster Ball

by Susan McSpadden (JCCC)

Fourth place with 479 points.

Human hamster ball races were the favorite event at this year's campus kick off event.

Glow Rage

by Jon Hendricks (Valparaiso Unviersity)

Fifth place with 470 points.

Students go wild after being hit with neon paint during Welcome Week on campus August 23rd.

General Features & Illustrations

Creative writing student

by Nancy Evelyn (University of Georgia)

First place with 568 points.

Employed my son to make 50 paper airplanes, and enlisted nearby office staff to throw them. Another fun day at work.

Peer Leaders

by Derek Eckenroth (Bob Jones University)

Second place with 477 points.

Mini Planet group photo of peer leaders that helped the freshman get accustomed to college life.

Stargazing Giraffes

by Jim Stroup (Virginia Tech)

Third place with 474 points.

A 20 second exposure, lighting the trees with a small flashlight that was powered by 2 AA batteries. The giraffes, who are curious creatures, were mesmerized by the flashlight and held still for the long exposure. For a professor's research on Chobe National Park in Botswana, Africa.

Music on High

by Jon Hendricks (Valparaiso Unviersity)

Fourth place with 472 points.

A student poses for a music related photo August 29th.

Fighting Words

by Mark A. Philbrick (Brigham Young University)

Fifth place with 457 points.

Words that CEOs use to get results

Science & Research

For the Birds

by Eric Bronson (University of Michigan)

First place with 543 points.

The museum of zoology bird collection contains about 6,387 species.

Rat Emotions

by Tom Thompson (Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine)

Second place with 519 points.

Students study rat movements on camera via computer. The rat is on an elevated plus maze to examine anxiety and emotionality.


by Chris Stacey (Macquarie University)

Third place with 462 points.

Martin Ams at the Photonics Research Centre

American Toad

by Jaslyn Gilbert (Radford University)

Fourth place with 455 points.

A biology student conducting a research study on amphibian and reptile populations this summer found this American toad at the university's conservancy.

Stem Cell Research

by Dani Machlis (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU))

Fifth place with 451 points.

Petri dish closeup in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Julia Tandberg

by Chris Stacey (Macquarie University)

Fifth place with 451 points.

Julia Tandberg working in the Biological Sciences and Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences Research Labs

Personal Vision


by Matt Cashore (University of Notre Dame)

First place with 491 points.

Went to several air shows this past summer. The f-22 is cool. And loud.

Jazz hand

by Kurt Stepnitz (Michigan State University)

Second place with 472 points.

Musical detail at a local jazz performance.

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