Monthly Image Competition

The Monthly Image Competition (MIC) started in 2004 as way for members to share photographs they had made, in friendly competition. University of Houston photographer Jeff Shaw originated the idea and the competition has grown from a few images in the early days to over 300 monthly entries. Throughout the life of the competition, manufactures have offered prizes for the Best of Show each month, and for the overall winner at the end of the year.

  • The MIC takes place during the academic year, August to May.
  • A member may enter a maximum of 6 images per month.
  • The categories are the same as the Annual Print Competition and members rate each image on a one to seven scale with seven being the highest rating.
  • Each image receives a score that is calculated by multiplying the average by 100 to arrive at the final monthly score.
  • Those monthly scores are then added together to determine the overall winner, who is recognized at the Annual Symposium in June.

Not only does the MIC provide a friendly competition, it also provides a tool to foster creative ideas and to see what others in the profession are doing. Because fellow university and college photographers judge the images, winning participants know their images are appreciated and valued by their counterparts at some of the best college and universities around the world.

Many photographers have commented on how the MIC has improved their daily work. In a lot of institutions there is only one photographer and the MIC provides a means to gather information on photos that are being made at other schools.

Glenn Carpenter, President of the UPAA

Annual Print Competition

The Annual Print Competition (APC) is the flagship competition of the UPAA. The APC combines image capture, printing, and presentation to demonstrate the skills necessary to be a university photographer. Judging the APC occurs at the Sympsoium each year. Those in attendance judge every print on a scale od 1 to 7. This is a unique method that insures consistency and understanding of the effort requied to make a winning print. The APC in conjunction with the Monthly Image Competition determine the highest award of the UPAA, Photographer of the Year (POY). The POY is chosen by the board based on the scores in both the APC and the MIC, 65% APC and 35% MIC.

Nikon Shoot Out Competition

The Nikon Shoot Out brings together creativity, interpretation, and timeliness into a fun and competitive exercise. Each year at the symposium the Nikon representative gives an assignment that must be completed in a specified place and time. All those participating are on equal ground as they make one image and submit it without post processing for judging by the Nikon Representative in attendance. This exercise has real world implications to what a university photographer experiences each day.

Past Winners

Annual Publications Competition

A committee of members judges each entry. They look to see how photography is used in the publication. Awards are given to the institution in this competition and presented at the symposium.

Multi Media Competition

Our roles as photographer are changing to include different uses of the images we create. Presentations for the Multi Media Competition (MMC) are submitted in early spring and all members are eligible to vote and voting is done online. Awards are given at the symposium.

Past Winners

There are no past winners to display.